Licensing Requirements

Alabama Board of Polygraph Examiners Administrative Code
Chapter 740-x-3: Licenses

740-X-3-.01: Qualifications Of Examiners To Be Licensed.

  1. The qualifications which a person must possess in order to receive a license as a polygraph examiner are those which are set out in §34-25-21 of the act.
  2. Pursuant to the authority vested in it by Code of Ala. 1975, §34-25-21(a)(6), the Board will approve those polygraph examiners' courses or schools which are fully accredited by the American Polygraph association. The Board will either approve or disapprove unaccredited courses or schools on a case by case basis as the occasions arise.
  3. The Board does not interpret the "five consecutive years of active investigative experience" referred to in §34-25-21(a)(5) of the act as requiring that the investigative experience necessarily be in the same position or for the same employer. However, as that provision of the statute makes clear, the five years active investigative experience must be immediately preceding the application. The Board will decide on a case by case basis any questions that arise about whether an applicant's experience is "active investigative experience," and "immediately preceding" the application.

740-X-3-.02: Applications for a License.

In order to be complete, all applications for a polygraph examiner's license must contain, with each application:

  1. An application form, prescribed and supplied by the Board, completed by the applicant in writing under oath, with necessary supporting documents;
  2. A personal or certified check, or a money order for the $150.00 nonrefundable investigative fee;
  3. Evidence that the applicant holds a baccalaureate degree from a college or university accredited by the Southern, Northern, Eastern, or Western Association of Colleges and Schools, or recognized by the board in or in lieu thereof, evidence that the applicant has had five consecutive years of active investigative experience immediately preceding his application;
  4. Evidence the applicant has successfully completed a polygraph school or course approved by the Board;
  5. Evidence that the applicant is covered by a surety bond or insurance policy in at least the amount of $5000 and conditioned that the obligor therein will pay to the extent of the face amount of surety bond or insurance policy all judgements which may be recovered against the licensee by reason of any wrongful or illegal acts committed by him in the course of his examinations;
  6. One complete fingerprint card and a current photograph; and
  7. Any other information which the Board may request from an individual applicant for the administration and enforcement of the Polygraph Examiners Act or the rules and regulations adopted by the Board.

740-X-3-.03: Board Review Of Original License Applications.

Applications will be treated in the following manner:

  1. The Board will review each application at the Board's first meeting following receipt of the application.
  2. If an application is incomplete or otherwise inadequate, the Board will notify the applicant, and no other Board action will be taken until the application is complete. If an application is no completed within the six months following the Board's notice to the applicant, the application will be void.
  3. If an application is complete and adequate, the Board will schedule the applicant for written examination and interview and notify the applicant of the date of the examination and interview.

740-X-3-.04: Written Examination and Interview.

  1. It is the obligation of any applicant who is unable to attend a scheduled examination to notify the Board in advance.
  2. Any applicant who fails to appear for the initially scheduled examination will be notified to appear at a second scheduled examination.
  3. Failure, for any reason, to appear at the second scheduled examination will void the application. If he applicant thereafter desires to be considered for the licensing, the applicant must submit another complete application.
  4. A new application required by the subsection (3) of this section must comply in all respects with Rule 740-X-3-.02 and must include a new investigative fee.

740-X-3-.05: Written Examination And Interview.

  1. Except as provided in Rule 740-X-3-.06, before each applicant is licensed, that applicant must:
    1. Submit to the Board the test data and results from a minimum of 10 examinations performed by the applicant.
    2. Pass a written examination given by the Board; and
    3. Undergo a personal interview in which his performance on the written examination will be discussed with him.
  2. The examination will cover all aspects of the polygraph and acceptable polygraph techniques. An applicant must score at least 75% on each portion of the written examination in order to pass. An applicant who fails to score 75% on a portion of the examination may retake that portion. An applicant who wishes to retake one or more portions must do so at either of the next two regularly scheduled examination sessions. An applicant who fails to retake portions of the examination at either of the next two sessions must retake the entire examination.

740-X-3-.06: Reciprocity Agreements.

  1. Full reciprocity agreements, the privileges of which are available to all examinees licensed by reciprocal states, shall be governed by §34-25-24 of the act.
  2. The Board may enter into limited reciprocal agreements, the privileges of which are available only to qualified examinees licensed by reciprocal states. Qualified examinees are those who meet the minimum requirements of §34-25-21 of the act.

740-X-3-.07: License Years And Fees.

  1. The term of a polygraph examiner's license in Alabama runs from October 1 to September 30 of each year.
  2. Applications for license renewal shall be made upon forms prescribed and supplied by the Board.
  3. The application for renewal and the renewal license fee, which are provided for in §34-25-26(5) of the act, are delinquent after September 30 of each year, and unless the Board receives the renewal license and the renewal fee on or before September 30, the license shall expire.
    1. A polygraph examiner whose license has expired may at any time within two months after he expiration obtain a renewal license, without examination or later penalty fee, by submitting a renewal application to the Board and satisfying subdivisions (2), (3) and (4) of subsection (a) of Section §34-25-21. A polygraph examiner whose license has expired, and who does not apply for renewal within two months following expiration, may at any time within three to six months after the expiration obtain a renewal license, without examination, by paying a $50.00 late penalty fee, submitting a renewal application to the Board, and satisfying subdivisions (2), (3), and (4) of subsection (a) of Section §34-25-21.
  4. The full amount of the renewal license fee is due in full for each October 1 to September 30 period or any portion thereof.
  5. The full amount of the renewal license fee is due in full each year, regardless of what portion of the initial license year was covered by the original fee of $150.00.

740-X-3-.08: Temporary License.

The secretary of the Board may issue an Intern polygraph examiner's license pending the Board's approval of the application at the next Board meeting. An Intern license may be issued only the application is complete and ready for Board action.

The qualification and licensing information is provided in full in the ALABAMA BOARD OF POLYGRAPH EXAMINERS, Rules and Regulations publication provided to examiners.

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